Ka Huna Bodywork


You already did some Lomi Lomi / Ka Huna or other massage training and want to get really good at it? You haven’t really found your essence yet? Found your own individual gift and confidence that you can bring to the table or maybe have self-doubt? You’re attracting certain types clients in your clinic and have re-accruing difficulties during sessions or dealings with them?

I can offer you coaching and guidance. Facilitate a space for you to dig deep and start searching. I happily share all that I have to offer. Will listen to you and challenge your believe system. Massage you, help cleanse and make space for newness to come. Ground and stabilize your core.

To be a Practitioner who is using love, space and attention for healing has to empower himself/herself first, to fall in love and find soul. Learn to trust in his or her ability and stand with confidence.

It means you go on your path of self healing, finding joy of your life, connection and inner peace.

Without judgement we will look at what is “right now”. What is supporting you to reach your goals, how do you grow, learn and integrate.

What I can offer is not bring you to a point of perfection but to guide you towards openness to grow. An inner listening and constant changing.

5 Sessions 2-2.5 hour long

  • Session 1. Consultation, listening, setting of expectation,
  • Sessions 4-5. These sessions can be made up out of
  • You show me your work (please bring a body)
  • We practice/fine-tune your technique (please bring a body)
  • Exercises to help you connect deeply, build mana, fly, widen perception, cleanse your system
  • You get massaged by me –either you drop in deeply or I mentor you by explaining how I work whilst you can simultaneously feel through your body’s systems