Ka Huna Bodywork


Embodywork specialises in pregnancy massage. Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting journey for your body and also mind. It can be a stressful time and incredibly tiring. A hawaiian massage can give you the pampering and comfort that you need to support you through this unique period in your life.

Bodywork can also support you through the particular aches, pains and stresses of pregnancy in the modern era.  Ka Huna bodywork and Lomi Lomi massage has traditionally been used to support transition and change in a woman’s life.  This practice is therefore particularly powerful in accompanying you on your journey into motherhood.  As a specialist in pregnancy massage we use a specifically designed massage table so that you can lie, comfortably, face down if you like to. 

Embodywork | Kahuna Massage | Lomi Lomi Massage Berlin

Bodywork massage can support you with:

  • Relief of backache, and general soreness
  • Stress relief
  • Treat issues with water retention
  • Work on posture to help prepare your body for birth
  • Relieve join pressure
  • Reduce stretch marks through increasing circulation and skin elasticity
  • Help you trust in your body to do what it can naturally do


And of course, we access the wisdom of the traditional Ka Huna method to work with pregnant women. Get a sense of that magic and be empowered during pregnancy and upcoming birth.

We’re happy to offer this treatment to woman in their 2nd trimester. When you book in, please advise us how many weeks pregnant you are, and if you’ve had any problems with this pregnancy or prior ones and please check with your doctor that massage is safe for you before booking in.